It's that familiar time of year

But it feels so different

I have to admit, I am deeply challenged by the gifting conundrum this year - especially when it comes to clients, many of whom live a double life as my close friends. I’m not sending cards or gifts this year because, really, who knows where on earth anyone is? One client/friend spent 3 weeks working from a gorgeous spot in Costa Rica! And even if your office is your basement or your bedroom or your kitchen, I probably don’t know the address. So, I am sending you holiday and year-end greetings the best way I know how: this newsletter.

I have applied all of my gifting budget - and then some - to the Good Shepherd Food Bank in Portland, and I did this to honor all of you, my friends and clients.

And to you I send my hopes that all of your wishes - for all of your chickens - come true.

Hoping we connect in 2021,